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The idea for bringing Alpha Omega Epsilon to RPI started as a brainstorm among a few girls who felt that the RPI campus needed a sorority that was a little different from the other four on campus. After some research, Alpha Omega Epsilon was discovered and the journey to becoming the Tau Chapter soon began. In order to become a colony of Alpha Omega Epsilon, we realized that we must be recognized as a school club or organization. This ended up being a difficult process since many of the administrators at RPI were unsure of where exactly we fit into the campus system. When we first found out we needed to be recognized as a school club we realized that there were three paths open to us. We could be recognized academically by the engineering department, recognized by the student union, or become a part of the Panhellenic system.

A meeting was held in October of 2004, which 18 people attended. Once we took the step of inviting others to join us there would be no looking back. We went through many trials and tribulations in the process of becoming a recognized school club. After trying to work through the union and the school of engineering it was determined that we would have to go through the Panhellenic system in order to be recognized. As we started to petition to become a part of Panhel, we held our first social event, which was a Halloween celebration. We also participated in a Breast Cancer walk in Albany and raised $2000. Throughout the following year, we held many meetings and events and started to develop close friendships within the organization. Then on October 22, 2005 we were installed as a colony by the IEB President Jessica Linck with 21 members. We began to learn all the necessary information about the history of Alpha Omega Epsilon and what being a sister in this organization would mean. In order to expedite the process of becoming a chapter, we crammed the suggested eight week candidate period into four hectic weeks.

In the spring of 2006 we held our first recruitment and began the candidate process with nine amazingly enthusiastic girls. We spent the semester getting to know them and focusing towards becoming a chapter. We also participated in RPI’s first Relay for Life and held our first formal. After months of hard work and lots of waiting, we were finally inducted as the Tau Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon on April 23, 2006. The semester ended as we held our first alumnae ceremony. This was a bittersweet occasion as we realized this would be the last meeting where all the Founding Colony members would be together as active sisters.

Date Founded: April 23, 2006