What does "Social and Professional" sorority mean?

Alpha Omega Epsilon offers the benefits of a professional organization, such as resume building workshops, interview practice, a semesterly faculty dinner, alumni networking, etc., as well as the benefits of a traditional Greek organization, such as a formal, mixers with other sororities and fraternities, sister outings, holiday gatherings, etc. In other words, we are the best of both worlds.

What does the time commitment look like?

During your first semester, you will get to know our sisters and learn about our chapter. This period is called “candidacy.” Candidacy requires meetings once a week, usually on Sunday, for 1-2 hours. Outside of these meetings, additional activities may take up 2-4 hours. Once you become an active sister, there is a required meeting on Sunday that lasts for 1-2 hours as well as semesterly hour requirements for philanthropy and professional events. These hour requirements may vary by semester, but altogether generally do not exceed 15 hours. That said, our sisters love spending time together, from studying, hanging out, going to events, or just having fun. So, the overall time commitment will depend on how much time you want to spend with our sisters.

What are the financial obligations?

During candidacy, dues are $400 and can be paid either at once or in multiple installments. As an active sister, dues are $450, paid either at once or through a payment plan arranged with our treasurer. If necessary, financial aid may be available.

How is Alpha Omega Epsilon different from other sororities?

Alpha Omega Epsilon is the only professional and social sorority in the Rensselaer community. We are driven to create an empowering and inclusive environment for women that fosters their professional growth and development while ensuring they are surrounded by a strong support network. While we offer many of the same social opportunities as the other sororities on campus (e.g. a formal, sister outings, mixers with other sororities and fraternities), we also offer a variety of professional opportunities. These include resume building events, interview practice, our semesterly faculty dinner, advice panels, and collaborative events with other professional organizations on campus (e.g. SWE). Aside from this, we are a smaller sorority compared to others in the community. All of our sisters know every member in the chapter, making us a tightly knit community.

Does Alpha Omega Epsilon have a house?

We do not have a traditional sorority “house” on campus, as this would cause insurance premiums and dues to increase dramatically. Instead, we reserve two RAHP A apartments for our sisters to live in, much like Alpha Phi reserves some of the Stacwyck apartments. Each RAHP A apartment has four bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living space.

Do I have to go to every day or recruitment?

No, attending only one day of recruitment is mandatory. However, if you are seriously considering joining our organization, we urge you to attend as many recruitment events as possible. This will allow you ample time to interact with our sisters and learn more about what we have to offer.