Howdy, Potential New Members!


Thank you for taking the time to check out Alpha Omega Epsilon. I hope you can find a home with us the same way I did. I joined first semester freshman year (way back in 2014), and I do not regret a moment. If it were temporally possible to join even sooner, I would have. Why do I say that? Because ΑΩΕ was and continues to be the most fulfilling part of my RPI career.


  • There are so many great volunteering organizations in the Capital Region, and ΑΩΕ has dabbled with all of them at some point. People have found really interesting ways to make a difference, whether it is through bike rides or community gardens. Leaning into these philanthropy opportunities is incredibly rewarding, even if you are not the ‘a job well done in and of itself is the reward’ kind of person! Fun memories with sisters? Check. Volunteer hours for your random HASS elective? Check. Getting out of the RPI bubble every once in a while? Check. And of course, knowing that you are making a positive impact with the local influence you wield. We all want to change the world in some way, shape, or form; so why not start in Troy, and why not with ΑΩΕ?

  • Something about being a part of something bigger than yourself really makes you want to be your best and do your best so that you can uplift everyone around you, too. That is what happened to me with my academics. I will be the first to admit I am not the most academically motivated individual; but because of ΑΩΕ, I tried my best. When I went to a sister asking for help, I wanted to be able to say, “This is as much as I can understand on my own; can you help me fill in the blanks?” so that I wasn’t wasting her time. Later, I also wanted to be able to be there for younger sisters when they asked me for help. We have a scholastic and professional chair whose job it is to help sisters achieve their academic goals , but ultimately that motivation starts with you. ΑΩΕ was simply my reason for wanting to do better.

  • There is a joke among non-Greeks that Greek members have to “pay for their friends.” If that is the case, my sisters were worth every penny – and I still get paid in dividends even though I graduated two years ago! The majority of my college friends with whom I still have close and continuing contact are all ΑΩΕ members, both active and alumnae. I live with my Big, I talk to my Little twice a week, and another sister (that I wasn’t even that close with back when we both were in school) actually invited me to a book club a few months ago. Actually, my best friend now is a sister I re-met when we both attended another sister’s wedding back in February. We discovered we shared a lot of the same passions, started talking during the wedding, and have not gone a day without talking since then! If it were not for ΑΩΕ, we never would have had a chance to reconnect, and we would have missed out on each other for the rest of our lives. The power of sisterhood, I tell you.

  • If you are considering our house, this is probably the aspect that intrigues you the most. What exactly is a professional sorority? I can break this up thusly:

    • Professional development: Contrary to my attitude towards my academics, my extracurricular life was flourishing! However, I would not have fully understood how to contextualize my para-professional experiences on campus as professional development if it were not for the older sisters. (For the unlucky few that are unable to land internships every single summer, this wordsmithing ability is paramount to success.) Sisters were also always ready to look over your resume or go with you to a CCPD appointment if you were too anxious to go by yourself. And of course, no one is more proud of you when you do land that internship or research position than we were – oftentimes, our connections were also the reason you got it in the first place!

    • Professionalism: Professionalism as a concept is a discussion we have regularly, understanding that it is as fluid in manifestation as any other quality or characteristic. Everyone’s idea is different; and since it is a core tenet of our sisterhood, we are quite dedicated to those definitions. In fact, hearing sisters talk about what professionalism means to them oftentimes feels like a debate on the direction our house should go in as well. It’s altogether inspiring and illuminating. I can promise you that through the fires forged from our passions, you will leave RPI with a definition of professionalism specific to you, one that empowers and guides you through the nebulous journey of creating your career in the lifetime that awaits after graduation. This, more than anything, is my most valuable takeaway from ΑΩΕ.


If you have made it this far, I thank you for your time and attention. I could go on and on, but you would probably rather hear from the active sisters instead. After all, they are the ones who will have your back (and expect you to have theirs). I invite you to peruse our newly designed website diligently. Even if you do not choose us, going Greek is certainly a big decision. If you play your cards right, it will be the biggest decision you have ever made in your life; and you’ll be so grateful for it, just like I am.



Donna Grace Moleta

Alpha Omega Epsilon President, 2016

Sigma Class, “Hitclips”